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I am alive in You

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Verse 1
My heart of stone was dead to You
Asleep within a world
That scorned its maker
Until You breathed into my soul
And I woke up to You
My glorious Savior
You became my all
You became my all

Now I am alive, I am alive in You
You are alive, You are alive in me
You called my name
And raised me from the dead
Now I am alive, I am alive in You

Verse 2
In You my life’s completely new
I’m blameless in Your eyes
Because of Calvary
The Father welcomes me with joy
Your Spirit makes me know
Your great love for me
Jesus, You’re my all
Jesus, You’re my all

Bought with a price that cannot be measured
Chosen before all time
You are my joy, my prize, and my treasure
Jesus, You are my life

Music by Steve & Vikki Cook and Joel Sczebel, words by Steve & Vikki Cook
© 2011 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP) see less


from Risen, released 22 March 2011

all rights reserved

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